How to market an ebook

"My toe is barely in the door, my foot is barely on the gas, I've got to press down harder."  - Kanye West, 2015, Vanity Fair

Connecting with people requires effort.

It’s not really cool to show that you put effort into anything. That’s why it’s called cool -- you don’t break a sweat.

I’ve been sweating more these days. Not only figuratively, but also physically, because I switched from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. 

This means that I can’t hide when I sweat from myself. I can’t deny when I’m not being cool, because my body sends the signals loud and clear. Right onto my clothing. 

There were two instances this week where I broke into a sweat while connecting with people. Neither instance had anything to do with marketing my ebook.

To be honest, I’ve been too cool about marketing my ebook. It hasn’t been making me sweat at all.

Book marketing is ratcheted up to the max when it’s hot. Tours, television appearances, and public speaking would make almost anyone sweat.

It is not cool to be cool about marketing.

So, I plan to dial up my book marketing strategy a bit for the paperback edition of my ebook that is coming out soon. I'll try some new things, and watch for the sweat.

If and when I write another book, I’ll know and be prepared to go even hotter from the start.

Is your marketing strategy hot or cool?