Support for Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In

By now, you have heard about the death of David Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey and husband to Sheryl Sandberg. With no official cause of death cited in formal obituaries released by major publications, understandably, there are speculations about his cause of his death.

Sheryl is only 47 years old. There had to be thousands of women who wanted to be in her place just a few days ago. I doubt that any person wants to be where she is now.

Women share many common aspects of the human condition. We bear the responsibility for bringing forth future generations. Beyond that, we are blessed with intellect to create value for the human race. We’re all trying to deal with the weights on our shoulders.

If there is a lesson to be gained from this, it is that everyone needs to admit that none of us knows everything and we need to give each other and ourselves a break.

We’re so good at simplifying people’s lives, putting them into neat little boxes, and then making it all about ourselves.

There is a dearth of compassion in the world. It’s so much easier -- physically, mentally, emotionally -- to point a finger at someone else rather than to turn the finger around 180 degrees.

I am guilty. I am guilty of getting frustrated with my mother for hanging up on the phone with me, and forgetting that she is fielding calls from dozens of people while going from commitment to commitment.

I am guilty of still not being able to forgive the woman whose betrayal cut me the deepest, while knowing that her betrayal comes from her own feeling of powerlessness.

I am guilty of hating myself because I am not perfect. For not being someone more like Sheryl Sandberg.

Now, I’m scared for Sheryl. I wouldn’t trade places with her for the entire Facebook fortune. Will the world’s greatest living champion for women be okay?

The thing that really sets Sheryl apart from other powerful women in history is that she cared enough about women to try to change the world for them.

Let’s try to change the world for her through compassion.