Succeeding at marketing requires trying new things

One of the best things about Gabriel is that he is so driven to try new things, especially with travel. He is 100% responsible for the fact that we are booked for trips to Dubai and Hong Kong this year, and I love him for it.

I get him to try new things, too, but it’s mostly marketing or technology stuff. For example, this morning I was yammering on and on about how interesting SnapChat is and would he please go on SnapChat and friend me? He obliged, and within minutes, promptly sent me a SnapChat :)

SnapChat is currently one of the top free apps in the Android app store. I guess it kind of has a reputation for being like a teen thing, but I get so curious about what new technologies offer that I always want to try them at least a few times.

Trying new things sparks new thought patterns in our brains. It is so good for creativity because it breaks us out of our mental routines and connects us with new ideas.

I am able to envision how the future of digital communications is taking shape because I love trying and reading about the latest developments in technology, whether they are newly designed social networks, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and so on.

All new technologies that are able to capture significant attention eventually figure out ways to monetize by incorporating marketing. 

Remember five to seven years ago, when everyone was talking about the rise of the sharing economy, mobile, and video? Now, all they talk about is AirBnB, Uber, the latest mobile game craze, Vine stars, and YouTube superstars.

Staying relevant is critical for maintaining your customer base. Love her or hate her, Madonna is a master marketer, and always trying new things, which includes being the first major artist to debut a music video on SnapChat. Not only did doing this get Madonna a lot of press, but it also showed that she is keen on staying on the cutting edge and continually growing her audience.

As attention capital shifts, you will want to have a grip on how businesses like yours are successfully connecting with customers, whether it is through the soon-to-be-released Pinterest “Buy” button, advertisements on Instagram and SnapChat, or even the integration of marketing campaigns in virtual reality.

The best thing about so much of this new technology is how accessible it is. It often only takes a few minutes to try out a new technology. What have you got to lose?

What are some new things that you’ve tried lately? What did they make you think?