Balancing connectivity and creativity

Connecting with people and creating good products/services are both necessary for small business owners. The good thing about owning your own business is that you can grow it in a way that fits with your life.

For me, that means I can’t go out more than three or four times a week; otherwise, it will ruin everything. I was hoping that working out at the end of the day would help me go out more frequently. So far, my finding is that doing so is minimally helpful.

The best way to describe what happens when I go out too often is that I get a caged feeling in my chest, like I have to cry, but it won’t come out.

This is not a complaint, but an observation. I am really excited for the upcoming four days! There is a book party, a women’s networking event, a family dinner, and a birthday party. I’m going to bring flowers, make friends, eat my favorite food, and bake an Italian dessert.

The flip side is that I’m freaking out because I have so much stuff to do, and I need to take a little break from working on my book so that I can handle everything. I was so exhausted the last time that I went out that I fell asleep right before I left and took a nap twice while I was out. This is happening more and more often -- falling asleep in front of other people.

It’s not out of laziness. I can work like a demon when I want to. But something about connecting with people is so draining for me, even when I love them.

Maybe it has to do with being a so-called creative person. Ever since I was a child, people have always told me that I am creative, and I have never really understood why.

It’s like this. I make an observation. Lots of times, the reaction I receive is, I have never thought about that before. When that happens, people probably think that I am being creative. I do not think that I am being creative. I think that I am being logical.

To me, creativity is closer to a literal interpretation of the word: creating something good. And I only have so much creative energy to use per day.

If I’m going to be with people, I have to conserve my creative energy to share with them so that we can have a good time. If I’m going to be home for the day, I have enough creative energy to pour into all the work that I want to do. It doesn’t really work for me to treat the two things as if they were completely different activities.

How do you balance connectivity and creativity? Are connecting with people and connecting with ideas similar activities for you?