Branding with love

One day, I was like, hey, Mom, it looks like your website could use an update. She agreed; it had not been updated in about a decade.

You have to be comfortable marketing your business to your own network, because that is where most of your early business is likely to start.

You never, ever forget the first person who gives you a job. My first client for my branding and marketing business was my mom. 

We refreshed her brand and highlighted her knowledge, connections, and accomplishments in the new website that I built for her. I also went with her to the photo studio to style her hair and makeup for her new headshot. As the photographer snapped away, I made funny faces behind the camera to make her smile.

My parents were born in Korea during the war and were high school sweethearts. After they got married, my father, a Merchant Marine, and my mother, a nurse, came to America on my mother's nursing visa. My mother passed the licensing exam for nurses in English on her first try. Everyone else who took the exam with her failed, including the native English speakers.

A few years later, my mom figured out that she could make much more money in the real estate industry than she ever could nursing. The rest is history. My mom has owned her own real estate business for almost thirty years, and she is incredible at what she does.

Not too long ago, my mother and I were in her kitchen. She was doing this and that as usual, and I told her that she is pretty.

“I’m not pretty,” she mumbled.

“You are SO pretty,” I shouted. “SO pretty!”

She is. She is amazing, and it shines through in her brand. That’s why she’s been such a raging success.

Your brand is what you stand for, and it will help set you apart from the pack.

If you ever want to buy or sell real estate in New York, let me know. I can introduce you to my mom.