Going out for work

Lots of people are surprised when I tell them that I am an introvert. This is because I have gotten pretty good at talking with people. The trick is to pay attention, ask open ended questions, and try not to say anything inflammatory.

The truth is that I am so introverted that it is almost scary. I can go for days without talking to people or going outdoors, and I will generally feel fine. If I happen to feel a little sickly, I just sort of pop outside on the balcony for a few minutes of vitamin D absorption and feel better, ready to hole up again with my work and entertainment.

This is the part where I tell you that I have to go out seven out of the eight upcoming days. That’s right, folks -- and I’m doing it because I want to.

My strategy for this week is to save my workout for right before I get ready to go out instead of doing it in the morning. I’m hoping that doing my nerd stuff first, then working out for a late burst of energy, then socializing, will be the magic formula for me to do well at all three things.

Every successful entrepreneur has a warm network, and if someone like me can put in the effort to keep her relationships warm, then anyone can.

Do you go out for work? What is your strategy for balancing nerd work with going out for work?