A book worth marketing

I am writing a book. It is about one third completed.

Actually, this is not the first book that I have written. I finished the other one in 2008, decided it was crap, and that I didn’t want crap floating around with my name on it.

A lot has changed in the past seven years. The book that I am writing now is not crap.

Let me tell you why the first book was crap. It was a fiction novel about a doomed love story. The main character was boring, and so was the love interest. Above all, it didn’t really offer anything of value.

Actually, there are tons of books that magically become raging successes despite the fact that they fit all of the criteria above.

In any case, I didn’t want that to be my book. So I canned it.

The book I am writing now is nonfiction. There isn’t a main character. And it offers a ton of value.

I’m researching ways to market it, and as with most things, you really just have to do the research, put yourself out there, and do your best.

However, one of the better links I found on marketing a book is this one by Peg Fitzpatrick. She’s also got a great Twitter feed for people who are into online marketing.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my book. I’m trying to make it really fun to read so that you will love it.

Are you funny? How did you get so funny?