Marketing online when you do not like taking pictures

When I created this website, I knew that it would need photographs. Free images that amplify specific messages are hard to come by and often require a lot of time to find. So, I put my digital camera on a table to remind myself to shoot photographs for this website.

I’m usually very good at going through my task list, but when it came to that item, I would pick up my digital camera, then put it back down. I did this for days before I finally realized how much I do not like taking pictures. I neither enjoy being behind of nor in front of the camera. It’s as stressful for me as looking for free images. 

So, here’s how to market online with pictures when you do not like taking pictures or searching for free images.

Hire a photographer for quality structural photos

Lucy's photograph of my husband, Gabriel

Lucy's photograph of my husband, Gabriel

I did not personally know any professional photographers. So, I went on LinkedIn and searched for photographers in my husband and my extended network. After looking through several online portfolios, I found one that I loved.

I selected Lucy not only because I love her photos but also because I feel that my brand identity aligns with them. Lucy’s photos are happy, communicative, and high quality. Her photographs of me are on the sidebar and on the About page. 

These type of high resolution photographs that are shot by a professional are well worth the investment for structural photographs because they will last for a long time on your website.





Make graphics using pictures you already own

I come up with a lot of epiphanies. Sometimes, I tweet them, but lately I’ve been making them into graphics by using images that I already own and inserting text.

The free graphic design software I use is Canva, and I love it because it is simple, easy, and specially designed to be used with social media. The text can add relevance to things like may appear to be irrelevant at first.



Meet your overall goal by adjusting your standards

Any image is not better than no image. A pretty good image of lesser quality can be better than no image, however.

I find it a lot easier to take photos with my phone rather than a digital camera. The issue with this is that most cell phone photos are lower quality. However, now that I have a good structural base of professional photos on the website, accompanying posts with lower quality photos will look more acceptable.

Here’s the latest photo I posted on Instagram. It’s of my brother in-law’s two favorite wines. It’s a cell phone photo, but it is of high enough quality to illustrate a post on wine, for example.

Be open to doing things that you don’t want to do

It is so hard to find a good image, let alone a good free image, for a message. So, the truth is that I might end up having to take more photos with my digital camera, search for free images, or buy images online. I might even forgo images from time to time, because in the end, the message is what matters most for my brand.

Have you found any interesting ways to market online using images?