I am a writer who lives in New York City. Here, I blog about life and problem-solving. Sometimes, I work as an attorney.

In my spare time, I enjoy studying languages (I speak Korean, French, and basic Spanish) and traveling with my husband, who inspires me do things like hike through the Amazon rainforest, eat fermented shark, and swim in waterfalls.


After applying to both fine arts and liberal arts colleges, I ultimately decided to hit the books at Emory University. I graduated with a degree in comparative literature and the intent of becoming a writer. 

Pretty soon, I figured out that the "starving artist" lifestyle wasn't for me, and made my way over to the law and business schools at Fordham University. I worked in a few different fields while studying at Fordham, to see where I fit. While working as a marketing consultant for Consumer Reports, I really loved what I was doing. So, I graduated from Fordham with a J.D./M.B.A. and went into the marketing field. 

I went on to work with clients and marketing departments at Fortune 500 companies, political organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits. I also wrote a book on business planning, branding, and marketing. 

Eventually, I began to experience corporate burnout. So, I decided to leave the marketing field to write and practice law as a contract attorney while having children. Currently, I have one child on the way.

Thanks so much for visiting, and feel free to email me here.