I advise entrepreneurs and small business owners on structuring, branding, and marketing their businesses. I also create digital content through text, image, and video, much of which I share on this website.

After sending in applications and portfolios to both fine arts and liberal arts colleges, I ultimately decided to hit the books at Emory University, where I majored in comparative literature with a concentration in French Studies. After graduating, I set out to be a writer. Pretty soon, I figured out that the "starving artist" lifestyle wasn't for me, and made my way over to the law and business schools at Fordham University. 

At Fordham, I discovered my love for quantitative reasoning, and went on to graduate with a 4.0 M.B.A. G.P.A. in finance and business economics as well as a degree in law. While working as a marketing consultant for Consumer Reports, I realized that I really loved what I was doing and knew that I had found my passion in marketing --  where art, business, and technology intersect.

Over the years, I have worked as a marketing consultant and marketing technology product manager with clients and marketing departments at small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, political organizations, and nonprofits. My passion is connecting people through technology, and I bring diverse marketing experience from the grassroots level to the global corporate level to empower clients.

I live with my husband in New York City. He's a nice lawyer and he makes me laugh. In my spare time, I enjoy living healthfully, learning languages, and traveling.

Photos by Lucy Schaeffer Photography